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CalAmp Enterprise Support

    From: $1,000.00 / month

    Direct Communication Solutions is offering a limited number of enterprise level support packages for its customers in need of technical support and product assistance. These monthly subscription support packages will focus on delivering to our partners direct access to our engineering department to better serve you and your customers. Packages include:

    • 24 Hour Response Times
    • PEGScript Reviews and Assistance to your Engineering Team to Reduce Development Time
    • Device Troubleshooting
    • PULs Account Management & Device Updating Assistance
    • Access to Premium CalAmp Wiki (supported by DCS employees)
    • 50% Discounts on Lab Services
      • SIM Insertion
      • APN Programming
      • Wireless Data Activation Coordination
      • PEGScript Assignment/Loading
      • Device Readiness Check
    • Discounts on PEGScript Development & Server Side Integration Assistance